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Chiropractic Techniques Utilized by Dr. Krebsbach 

Care Designed For You

Dr. Mark utilizes a variety of chiropractic adjusting techniques catering his adjustments to each patient.  


In addition to spinal techniques, Dr. Krebsbach has trained in the evaluation and treatment of upper extremity, lower extremity, and TMJ (jaw) conditions.


Adjustment Techniques Utilized:

  • Diversified – Most commonly used manual adjustment technique by chiropractors. Objective is to restore proper movement and alignment of spine and joint dysfunction.

  • Thompson – this is a gentle technique that utilizes a “drop table”. A section of the table “drops” as the adjustment is given to reduce the amount of force needed.

  • Prone Specific – This is a gentle hands-on technique that is pleasant and comfortable to the patient. There is no uncomfortable twisting. This approach moves only the vertabrae that need to be moved, not all the vertabrae in the spinal region. This revolutionary technique is the latest in the industry and is very popular among patients.

  • Activator - a chiropractic instrument adjusting technique 

  • Flexion / Distraction - non-surgical, chiropractic spine care for many spine conditions. It is a combination of spinal manipulation and spinal decompression.

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